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Workshops and Seminars

By "Workshops and Seminars", we mean the various different kinds of training event we run at "The Berne" that take place on specific days, weekends or evenings, on dates announced in advance. Some are "once-off"; others take place regularly. Each type of event has its own purpose and its own title. Here are the workshop and seminar events that are in our calendar for the coming months. You can get dates and more complete details by going to the web page for each event.

A mainstay of the training calendar at "The Berne" - as at every TA training centre - is the introductory two-day course in TA called the "Official TA 101" (The quote marks are traditional). This training has been around in TA since forever. It's called the "101" because in the USA, where TA orginated, a "101" means an entry-level college or university course. It's called "Official" because it is a standardised introduction to TA that follows an internationally-agreed syllabus. The "Official 101 Certificate", awarded on successful completion of the "101", is recognised by TA organisations in more than 60 countries worldwide.

We run about half a dozen of these courses each year. Many people come to the "101" to get a "taster" of TA training before deciding whether to go for a Foundation Year course. Others attend because they are already in jobs in the helping professions and want to get an initial grasp of TA "tools" that will enhance their effectiveness. Still others come to the "101" for purely personal reasons - reflected in the subtitle that we give our "101" course, "Understanding Self and Others".

Periodically, we offer short-course Certificate trainings. These have dealt with various topics over the years; some have been repeated, some have been once-off. Typically, a short-course training will comprise between five and seven one-day modules. The in-house Certificate is awarded on successful completion of an assignment.

Our free evening seminars are another long-standing feature of our programme. As their name says, they are free of charge, and everybody is welcome. It's not necessary to book a place in advance. The seminar topics over the years have covered just about anything and everything - just as long as the seminar is either about TA or explores the relationship between TA and another approach. The seminars have covered theory, application to therapy or counselling, personal insight, spiritual speculation ... you name it. All the seminars are on Saturday evenings. It's "doors open" for the seminar at 7 pm, to give time for refreshments before the presentation itself. This runs from 7.30 until 9 pm, after which the usual pattern is informal discussion and further refreshments.

Group therapy has been central to TA since its earliest beginnings. At "The Berne" we believe that experiential learning in group therapy is therefore a "must" for anyone wanting to learn how to use TA effectively in providing therapy or counselling. Our Director, Adrienne Lee and Honorary Director Ian Stewart, each run two-day group therapy events at regular intervals during the year. Each therapist uses a TA modality in which he/she is an internationally acknowledged expert. Ian's groups are in the format of Redecision Therapy Training "Marathons" - the approach used by the founders of the Redecision school of TA, Mary and Bob Goulding. These weekends combine personal therapy with analysis of the therapy work. Adrienne runs groups using a model of TA Process Group Therapy, developed by herself from many years' experience as a TA group therapist. Here again, the group sessions combine therapy with analysis of the work, giving an ideal opportunity for learning as well as for personal change.


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