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Free Evening Seminars, Spring - Summer 2014

Our seminars are free of charge both to "Berne" members and to non-members. In each seminar, the presenter(s) share their new thinking about a topic in transactional analysis or a closely related field. There is plenty of time for discussion, questions, and the interchange and generation of ideas.

All the seminars will be on Saturday evenings.You are invited to arrive at 7 p.m. for a drink and snack before the seminar (bring food to share, if you wish: “The Berne” provides light refreshments with wine and soft drinks). The seminar presentation itself runs from 7.30 – 9.00 p.m.

10 May: "Happiness or Autonomy?"   Barbara Monk-Steel BA MSc RMN PGD TSTA(P)  In TA we have autonomy as the ultimate goal. People also seek happiness. We will look at how to increase happiness, using ideas from Positive Psychology, and consider how this invites autonomy.

21 June: "Islamic Theory of Personality and its Relevance to TA"  Uzma Khan BSc DipTA  We will present the Islamic theory of personality based on Islamic concepts of the self (Nafs) and its relevance to mainstream psychology and TA when working with Muslim clients.

The seminars are held at our training centre, Berne House, situated in the village of Kegworth, about ten miles south of Nottingham and just one mile from Junction 24 on the M1. Berne House is No.29 on Derby Road, which is the main A6 through Kegworth. We have our own off-road parking space. If you would like more detailed directions to the seminars, please call us.

For any further information about seminars or other "Berne" activities, please contact: The Course Registrar, The Berne Institute, Berne House, 29 Derby Road, Kegworth DE74 2EN. Tel/fax: 01509 673649; or email us here >>.


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