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Free Evening Seminars, Spring - Summer 2015

Our seminars are free of charge both to "Berne" members and to non-members. In each seminar, the presenter(s) share their new thinking about a topic in transactional analysis or a closely related field. There is plenty of time for discussion, questions, and the interchange and generation of ideas.

All the seminars will be on Saturday evenings.You are invited to arrive at 7 p.m. for a drink and snack before the seminar (bring food to share, if you wish: "The Berne" provides light refreshments with wine and soft drinks). The seminar presentation itself runs from 7.30 – 9.00 p.m.

 17 October 2015: "Script and the Body" Janine Piccirella CTA(P) MSc 

Our bodies hold stories of distress or trauma, it tells us chapters of unfelt & unexpressed thoughts, feelings and behaviours. To resolve this Scripting, we must listen to and account our body's messages, this is how we can let go of and then integrate the learning from the initial experience. This seminar will explore how we can attune ourselves to hear the important stories our bodies hold and explore some of the TA concepts we can use clinically to resolve this Scripting.

 14 November 2015: "TA and the Compassionate Mind" Paula Robinson CTA(P) MSc 

One of the great strengths of TA is its ability to integrate knowledge from different models into a coherent structure. This seminar will explore how understandings taken from Compassion Focused Therapy and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy can inform TA practice.

 5th December 2015: "TA and Tools to Build Self Esteem" Frances Townsend MSc, CTA Trainer, PTSTA(P)  

How can we help our clients build self esteem? In this seminar we will explore some skills and methods to engage all our ego states in the process of developing self esteem. Our sense of OKness is built on this bedrock and it supports us through changes good and bad.

 9th January 2016: "Working with Fairytales" Gerry Pyves CTA(P)  

During this evening, I will share an exciting methodology I have developed over the last 10 years to effect script change through the use of fairy tales.

 13th February 2016: "TA and Depression" Mark Widdowson Phd TSTA(P)  

In this seminar, we will look at some of the features of depression, together with some of the process-es which maintain depression. We will also explore a number of TA concepts and how they can be used to make sense of the experience of depression.

 19th March 2016: "Unlearning Goodness" Enid Welford TSTA(P)  

Our ideas about what is 'good' and 'bad' have a strong impact on our self worth, and are usually swallowed whole in childhood with little questioning. 'Being good' can be used to suppress the life energy within us. We will take a light-hearted look at some of our script beliefs about goodness, the sources from which we got them, and their usefulness to us as adults. Hopefully we will unlearn some ideas about goodness, and find ways to develop useful beliefs.

 14th May 2016: "Taking the fear out of the process: Working with a client with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder" Cholena Mountain CTA MSc PTSTA(P)  

The session will be based on "The Borderline Personality Disorder Tool" developed by Michelle Ayres. Ayres developed the tool for clients and clinicians working with clients with borderline personality disorder.

 25th June 2016: "Why suffering is good for you" Will Roberts CTA Msc PTSTA(P)  

Suffering is universal. We take a look at the positive side of pain and how it can serve us.

The seminars are held at our training centre, Berne House, situated in the village of Kegworth, about ten miles south of Nottingham and just one mile from Junction 24 on the M1. Berne House is No.29 on Derby Road, which is the main A6 through Kegworth. We have our own off-road parking space. If you would like more detailed directions to the seminars, please call us.

For any further information about seminars or other "Berne" activities, please contact: The Course Registrar, The Berne Institute, Berne House, 29 Derby Road, Kegworth DE74 2EN. Tel/fax: 01509 673649; or email us here >> .


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