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Professional Excellence Workshops

Celebrating 23 years of excellence!

Coming dates: 2-4 Sept. 2016, 24-26 Feb 2017, 28-30 April 2017, 8-10 Sept 2017

Do you want to enhance your professional skills in TA? Then the Professional Excellence Workshops are for you!

The PEWs - run regularly twice per year since 1992 - have been a "springboard" from which many participants have gone on to gain success in EATA/ITAA examinations, both CTA and T/STA. The workshops have also proved their value as preparation for the EATA/ITAA Training Endorsement Workshop (TEW).

Whether or not you have an exam or TEW in view, these workshops offer you an excellent opportunity for advanced training and supervision. You will have the chance to sharpen your TA skills, and network with colleagues, in a supportive group setting.

The workshop leaders are Adrienne Lee, Ian Stewart, and Mark Widdowson, Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analysts. The three trainers bring their own personal styles and expertise to the PEW, and together can offer you an outstanding environment for learning.

Workshop format is highly flexible. You list your wants and needs at the beginning of the workshop, and we tailor the programme contractually to suit you. Activities typically include:

For much of the time, we carry on several different activities simultaneously, using sub-groups. This lets you get maximum value from the time you spend in the workshop. Personal therapy time is available, within contractual boundaries, as an integral part of the PEW. This gives you the opportunity, if you wish, to deal immediately with any personal issues that may arise for you in the course of the day's work.

Venue:  the PEWs are held at The Berne Institute, near Nottingham. We ask you to arrange your own accommodation. We will send you directions to the workshop and lists of accommodation, in various price ranges, when we confirm your booking.

Attendance: for the best learning experience, we strongly recommend that you attend for the complete duration of the workshop. If you can only attend for part of the time, the full fee remains payable.

Accreditation: CTA trainees can log the hours spent at the PEW as Advanced TA Training and/or Supervision, as specified in EATA regulations. The total duration to be logged for the 3-day workshop is 24 hours. Qualified TA professionals can count the hours as CPD.

The workshop fee is £450 and the booking deposit is £95. Please make payment in UK pounds only, by Eurocheque, I.M.O., or cheque drawn on a UK bank, made payable to any one of the presenters. If you are booking by phone, fax or email, please send the booking deposit by post to confirm your place.

Several recent PEWs have been booked out well in advance, so early booking is advisable.

To download a flyer for the PEW, click here.


For bookings and further information, please contact:

The Course Registrar,
The Berne Institute,
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Kegworth DE74 2EN, England
Tel/fax 01509-673649;
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