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The Berne Institute: History and Mission Statement

Pairwork in the garden at Berne House

The Berne Institute was founded in Nottingham in April 1993. However, we trace our history further back than that year: our activities incorporate and continue an existing training programme in psychotherapy that has operated successfully since 1984. The leaders of that training programme, Adrienne Lee and Ian Stewart, are now Co-Directors of The Berne Institute.

From 1984 until 1993, the joint training programme was essentially a co-operation between the private practices of the two course leaders, jointly operating under the business name Training Central England. In 1993 we decided to consolidate and expand our activities in a more formal manner, and formed The Berne Institute with that end in view.

For the first year of its life, the Institute operated in rented premises in Nottingham city, while we searched for a permanent centre. In mid-1994, we found and bought our ideal building - now Berne House - in the village of Kegworth, some ten miles South of Nottingham. Our training programmes have operated in Berne House since September 1994.

Mission Statement: The mission of The Berne Institute is to promote excellence in the fields of psychotherapy, counselling, training, supervision, and related research. The core model we use is transactional analysis (TA); related humanistic approaches and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) also contribute to our work.

We are happy to register the following achievements, by which we are already furthering our mission:

We intend to build upon, extend and expand these achievements in coming years.

In pursuing our mission, we are committed to:

We have the following aspirations:


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