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Training in Transactional Analysis (TA) Psychotherapy and Counselling
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Programme highlights now on the site:

Training group members do a pairwork exercise in our main training room

- Official "TA 101" course (basic two-day introduction to TA) - next date is 18-19 Sept.

- Special workshop: "Life Enhancement" with Ken Mellor - 26 Sept. (PLUS: 0n the evening of Thurs. 25 Sept., 6.30 - 8.00 pm, Ken will run a Meditation Evening)

- Certificate Course: "Working with Children and Young People - Series 2" - six modules beginning 29 Oct.

- Ian Stewart's Redecision Therapy Training Workshops - next date is 1-2 Nov.

- Adrienne Lee's TA Process Therapy Groups - next date is 6-7 Nov.

- Professional Excellence Workshops (three-day trainings for advanced and post-qualification trainees) - next workshop is on 27-28 Feb., 1 Mar. 2015

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