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We know lots of the people who visit our site do so because they're thinking of taking up training in psychotherapy or counselling, and are taking a look on-line at the various training centres available. If that's true of you, then your first port of call in this section of the web site is likely to be our page on Why choose "The Berne"?

If you're interested in the "why" - as well as the "how and what" - of our training approach, then you're likely to find interesting reading in our Philosophy and strategy of training page.

Our main modality, transactional analysis, is exceptional among psychological approaches for the strength of its national and international organisations. You can find information on those on our page titled TA: a worldwide professional framework.

On the Meet our training faculty page you'll find bio's and photos of our principal trainers. All are accredited by national and international TA associations as trainers and supervisors in transactional analysis.

Because we want our Institute to be centre of community as well as a centre of learning, we run a membership scheme. You'll find information on The advantages of "Berne" membership on the page of that name.

We believe that any organisation works to greatest advantage when it has a clear mission statement. You'll find that spelled out, together with a brief history of "The Berne", on our History and Mission Statement page.

The Berne Institute is in all respects an equal-opportunities organisation. Our Equal-opportunities policy page gives you full detail on how we implement this policy.

Some of our recent graduates after receiving their awards at Middlesex University


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